Behind the Scenes

Here are some behind-the-scenes and other pics, mostly involving the cats. Check back for updates:

TOGM finale1

VA Mary Elizabeth McGlynn



conference pic


Two out of two LRW Vaders agree, Naomi VonKreeps is awesome!

DSC09880 - reduced

Vader and Luke take a break to bask in the awesomeness of Naomi VonKreeps and BMS creator Rod Hannah’s Once Upon a Caper.

lrw bts152

gatto dream


flying enterprise



Henry loves to play with string. It’s his favorite thing ever.

Kind of a Resident Evil look to this extra pic from Deanna Troi’s Dark Side vision.

Emma’s wondering why I’m waving my arm at her. I was trying to shoo her out of the picture without knocking the Falcon  over.

I was trying to get Gypsy to react to the flying lightsaber, and she did! That’s her gaping maw at upper right. Too out of focus to use, though.

A joke photo – based on comments in the comment section. Stormtroopers may be bad shots, but I see them as more professional than this!

Other cats swipe at moths. Emma gets to go after a stray TIE fighter!

Henry’s casually hanging out, spoiling the shot – the Falcon racing under the bed in a desperate flight to freedom. If he looked like he were chasing it, that would have been cool.

A bit too collegial for what I was going for in this scene. But it does show Gypsy’s willing to share the cat stairs with just about anyone!

Emma wasn’t supposed to be in this scene, set in the Enterprise bathtub, I mean transporter room. It went like, lift Emma out of tub, set up shot, lift Emma out of tub, take a picture, lift Emma out of tub, set up next shot, etc.

Henry’s relaxing before his big scene, attacking Echo Base.

I use this one as my avatar. Gypsy was out of position for this scene, and wanted to see what Darth smelled like.

And of course Sam Jackson!

6 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes

  1. SAMUEL EFFING JACKSON! Also, your cats are adorable, makes me so jealous =(^.^)= Me ol’ mum is allergic to almost everything that lives and grows so no cats for me :( heh if I were to do this, it’d be dominated by lego, probably, altough I seem to have more intact sw figs, altough, ofc of later generations. My oldest ones would be those green power of the jedi and original episode 1 line. also got the ep2 series, the saga series, the 30th aniversary line, and even a few from that line that makes new improved version of the old originals you use. got a few cw figs too, altough they’re too skinny for my taste. only the droids from that line looks ok with the other series.

    • Thanks! Yes, they are good cats. They like the attention, and cat treats, when I put them in a scene.
      I don’t even remember why I put Mr. Jackson here. I think it was based on a talk-back reply at some point!
      Cool collection you have there! I have legos, too, they just haven’t made their way into the story yet. But they will be. Oh yes. They will be.

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