5 thoughts on “132: Tailed Tale

  1. Did Kenner even LOOK at Artoo’s head when they designed the figure?
    That said, I don’t think there’s been a lovelier, stiff-limbed Threepio figure since this one.

    • I like my Artoo figure because he has never fallen over on me, not even once!
      My Threepio is so floppy he should in no way be able to stand. That he does so at all, I credit the Force.

  2. R2 staying out of trouble is like Rosanne Bar staying away from Chocolates!

    I LOVE my Kenner figures, best action figure line EVER. Even after decades of new developements, they are still the best.

    • I’ve noticed in my experience with newer figures that the older ones are more solid on their feet, for one thing. My Han Solo, in addition to be weirdly muscular, has to be oh so delicately balanced to stand up. And my Leia is carrying a thermal detonator she will never use because it is molded to her hand.

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