8 thoughts on “128: Getting Along

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      • The general has a point about those Echo Base turrets, though. The in-movie ones must elevate, like a tank turret gun, or they would only be effective against targets in a single plane around the gun – any higher or lower and the target would be safe. Anyway, the toy turret doesn’t elevate, and that’s all that matters here.

        • The Germans built some of the most spectacular Tanks in WWII, but quickly found out that cheep T-34 tanks worked better in Urban Warfare, as they could elevate their turrets at much greated degree, and were easier to replace. Studied military history have you?

          • Yup, in the army then casually. Of course, Star Wars kicked that off, learning about Mauser pistols and Sterling submachine guns when I was like 8 years old!

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