7 thoughts on “124: Check Up

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  2. Phil, you obviously spared no expense! Is that genuine Scotch brand tape on the cardboard box?

    You must be making insane royalties off of the cays acting careers, to afford such luxuries. :)

    • Maybe but probably not – my brand is store brand! No royalties from those furry freeloaders. Actually, they earn their keep by patrolling the basement for mice and spiders. When they come upstairs with codwebs in their whiskers, I ask if they have anything to report. Except for Henry. He’s retired!

    • Yes, those were totally corpses in toilet paper! Little action figure corpses. This is a new development for these guys – they usually de-rez and respawn, though they never refer to the process in those terms because they don’t know them. If I ever have a video-game character figure on here, he or she would totally use those terms!

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