5 thoughts on “119: Future Girl

  1. I say kill her now!
    2 dolls, or replaceable parts?

    It’s not like 1 Luke can’t go and another stay behind…
    Then kill her!

    I used to always use my sister’s girly toys as victims/hostages for my toys (they never made good civilians), I guess it’s still fun. :)

    • Maybe I’ll do a special one at TWC.
      She’s a figma, imported from Japan, with interchangeable heads, faces, and hands. So I guess Japanese kids play like, “you are a liar… wait… (switch to angry face, switch to pointing hand)… “you’re a liar!”
      “no I was kidding!”
      “oh, well then… hold on…” (switch back to happy face, switch to open hand) “well then, that’s ok ha ha ha!”
      I grew up with two brothers, so no girly toys for me. Until now!

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  3. I often had my Action Man (translation: G.I. Joe) shack up with my sister’s Barbie dolls. That was until he got green green eye shadow in his boot and subsequently had to lose his foot to gangrene.

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