3 thoughts on “109: Carry On

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  2. OK. So lets just say (for shits and giggles) that the Rebels surrendered and went quietly, and never attempted to escape.

    How long before the Imperials got bored and let them go, so they could fight some more?

    Oh, and is Kenner Vader still alive? Those figures really can take a beating!

    • Vader wanted this, from this Christmas 2011 strip. How’s that for continuity!
      Yup, KV is still alive, though a bit weak. Isn’t that a tender moment, with stormtrooper helping out the Dark Lord?
      ST: You’re doing fine, sir.
      KV: I’m… I’m the Dark Lord of the Sith…
      ST: Of course you are, sir… of course you are.

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