8 thoughts on “83: More the Merrier

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  2. Terrific stuff.

    You know what? It’s only now that I can appreciate what a crappy job Kenner did with the original Artoo figure. Think I must have blocked that out.

    • I disagree.

      I hate the new buff roid-boy ones.

      Some of the Kenner figures were poorly done others were awesome. Bespin Luke, and Leia Boushh were 2 of the better ones.

      The new ones have had decades of action figure research to draw on, and still turn out quite a few that stink.

    • Same plot! These are the recently rescued prisoners, with their brave rescuers, trying to make their way out of a really large wardrobe.
      New plots on the way, though, sort of!

  3. I just had a thought Leia is from “Jedi”, Han is from Star Wars (“A New Hope” to some of you), does that mean she is in love with him, but he can’t stand her?

    For that matter does Jedi Luke (of “Jedi”) know their relationship, and Bespin luke (“Empier”)still dig her?

    This could be a complicated love triangle/pentagon.

    • I considered that (quite a bit actually). OK, this Han is a Powers of the Force figure, made about 1995. Also, Han reprised his vest-and-white-shirt look in Return of the Jedi, so I figured he could still be a ROTJ figure. And this Han was “awake” for some time in the box, along with Wishbone and the Snoopys, so he had a lot of time to moon over Leia, who was still encased in her packaging. So anyway, he has a thing for Leia. For ESB Luke, I figure he’s been around since 1980, so probably figured it out at some point. Though perhaps not from my 1978ish Ben Kenobi, who at the time he was made almost certainly remembered Luke’s father and Darth Vader as two separate people! I had considered having a 1977 Leia, if I ever got ahold of one, not actually being Luke’s sister, since there’s no way Lucas considered them siblings back when the original was made.

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