7 thoughts on “70: Resistance is Super

    • Cause he’s a Kryptonian flame dragon? Of course! That actually works better than what really happened, which was that Supes and the dragon were the only toys my nephews and nieces had on hand, and one of their tae kwon do belts was handy to tie ole Draco up. I actually asked them the dragon’s name and what his story was, and they were like, I dunno. Well, he’s Kryptonian, which explains nicely why he’s hanging around with Kal, and also why the green belt thing is causing him problems! This comic thing is starting to create itself. I didn’t even consider putting Deanna in her current situation until I looked at the picture I took of her while trying to figure out what she would say. “Hey, I’m pregnant,” she told me. “Huh,” I thought. “Well, shit!”

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