13 thoughts on “68: Hero Assault

  1. Nice Magazines. I told my wife once that I had bought 3 magazines for $15.00 each and she couldn’t figure out what magazine was that important to read. It took some explaining.

    Don’t you notice that nothing is ever where you left it with these guys? Better call an exterminator or something.

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    • That was as close as I could get – thanks! Things are tough for the common soldier, on both sides. One of these days I’ll count how many times I’ve killed my one and only stormtrooper figure.

  3. I just had a completely random thought, so I decided to post it.
    You should get a Buzz Lightyear toy and a Woody toy and have them not be animated/alive. They could just lay around and collect dust, and do absolutely nothing.

    I don’t know why, except that it would be stupidly ironic.

    OK, I feel better for posting it now.

    • Hmmm, Beverly would try to revive them, the Lukes would try to reach them through the Force, and the Borg would try injecting them with nanites. The cats would grab Woody as a toy, since he’s so soft!

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