9 thoughts on “34: Meeting the Enemy

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  2. So, am I correct in assuming that the eternal war that the action figures are stuck in, has somehow spilled over to force other (otherwise non violent) toys to fight for survival and adapt for war?

    If so, I hope Gumby is holding out OK in his bunker under the steps.

  3. Yes, in a world where every line of action figure has a set of evil characters usually armed to the teeth and bent on world/galactic/universal domination and they can all come alive, even Barbie and Gumby are going to know how to defend themselves. The Borg certainly don’t need a reason to want to go around assimilating everyone – it’s what they do! (but they might)

    • That’s a tall order – I’d have to find someone who’ll admit to having one! That’d be fun though. Dr. Dooms are out there, though, and doing exactly what you’d expect Dr. Doom action figures to do!

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