20 thoughts on “27: Fett To Work

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  2. Is that a Romulan Scout-ship? As a guy whose Star Wars figures used to drive round in an A-team van fighting Cylons, I’ve got to say this just gets better and better…

  3. I love the power of wordless action – just like that awesome ‘Clone Troopers go in and blow up that big gun’ episode from Tartakovsky’s cartoon series. But I digress.
    Lots of win on display here. You may have even changed my mind about the usefulness of the Fett.

    • Wordless action – exactly! My first idea was to make this just part of a longer sequence with the usual blathering, but found it would be better on its own. And Boba doesn’t strike me as the yap-to-himself kind of guy. And since my Boba was made in 1980, I consider him free of anything established about him in ROTJ, prequels, and the expanded universe.

  4. “It’s the way I was trained. Just go with it.” Love it! I was searching through your past strips because I thought I missed that scene!

    • Thanks!
      I made that one just for Blue Milk Special, so it’s a bit out of my official LRW continuum. They’re spoofing Empire Strikes Back and one of their jokes was imagining what it would look like if the Sith trained like Yoda’s Jedi training. Mine is based on that.

  5. I’m thrilled to see more Boba action. Just some observations– your telephone seems rather old (I also have an old telephone) and I think I saw a collection of zits comic strips. I definitely saw dilbert. That’s some good shtuffs. Also, nice Harry potter crossover there!

    • Thanks!
      Yes, I haven’t used that phone in years, even though it’s connected. Everything’s on the cell phone. I used to get lots of newspaper comic collections, Dilbert, Calvin and Hobbes, Foxtrot, Bloom County, Farside, Doonesberry, and some other stuff. No Zits, though I like to read it. Did you get the HP Corral reference earlier? The stormtroopers used Harry Potter books for their barricade! They wanted thick books. Didn’t help em though.

      • Oh haha. How did I miss the HP corral bit? I read the strip, but that little pun went way over my head. :)

        The reason I thought I saw Zits was because of the little purple “ts” that you can see in the top right corner on panel 3.

        • OK, I think I tracked it down – the books are weird all blown up and stuff. And Gypsy the cat pulled a lot of them out between photo shoots, so I think their order is different from one shot to the other. But it’s the end of the title to “At Least This Place Sells T-Shirts,” a Foxtrot collection!

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