22 thoughts on “10: Assault on Base Echo

  1. Thanks! The lightsaber thing was inspired by Rod Hannah (that’s happened a lot). He posted a link at BMS, which is really really cool, with a lightsaber glow effect added to it. I was like, “Wha’! You can do that!” It also solves Vader’s missing lightsaber problem, for when they, you know, get into it later.

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    • Thank you very much!
      It should be noted I put this strip together after watching the semi-series finale of The Walking Dead, in case anyone thinks it’s a bit bleak, especially with R2. He sort of looks like a little kid there, or a puppy dog! What he’s saying, though, is a suggestion of what the stormtrooper should do with himself.

      • Oh, if you like zombies, I highly recommend TOGM. That is some amazing stuff. It’s definitely in my list of favorite webcomics (as is your’s, don’t worry :) )

        • Zayne! TOGM is absolutely one of my favorite web comics. :)

          I went as the Phantom to a Zombie Crawl, and made a do it yourself TOGM Bag, and Can covers, which are posted on the TOGM Facebook page, as well as my Blue Milk Carton Page. Nice to see someone with similar interests. :)

          • Yeah, I’ve pretty much been obsessing over TOGM for the past week! I was actually looking at your milk cartons when I stumbled upon your facebook page and saw it mentioned. I thought, “Hey, why not look into that?” and I LOVE IT! I’ve decided I’m a four, how about you?

  3. Great lightsaber effect. How is that done? Also if this were the Lego Star Wars game, C3PO and R2D2 would be totally safe. For whatever reason, enemies don’t attack you when you’re a droid.

    • You are correct sir! He’s an ESB action figure so he didn’t go through ROTJ, but he still feels strongly about Jedi stuff and the force, and he just really likes the color green!

    • sound effect is wrong . thats a sound from a sith made crstyal not one from a found and shaped crstyal like the jedi use. at least to my noob knowledge.. i mgiht totally be wrong. you can tell from the slow purr. wher as all jedi sabers hum. its hard to describe like i said i might be totally off and they can sound like that. idk

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