21 thoughts on “7: A New Player in Town

  1. Thanks John – welcome! Love Star Wars: age 9 and Blue Milk Special. Funny how Star Trek came up in Rod’s blog discussion. Guess I’m going to see if Star Wars and Star Trek can play well together!

  2. Gi Joe, He Man, Transformers, I can’t wait to see what is next?

    If this series keeps up (and I hope it does) I see you raiding garage sales, and junk stores, for characters in the near future. 😉

    BTW please link to “Turning to the Dork Side”, Neil Baker’s page also rocks!

  3. I would, but there’s that blogger commandment thing!
    And yes, I may have found myself toy shopping again, right there next to the kid trying to figure out what he can get his mom to buy him!

  4. Working on this Star Trek intro, I was like, they sure talk a lot more than the Star Wars guys. I think that’s to Star Wars’ credit.
    If the Battle of Hoth had happened in Star Trek, the attacking fleet would have opened a channel first to talk. Even the Klingons would. Even the Borg would.
    But not in Star Wars. Vader would preferred to have carpet bombed Echo Base from orbit. As it is, the walkers stroll into range and open fire. Death Star blows up Alderaan. Rebels blow up Death Star. Hoth attack. Endor attack. In none of those cases do the commanders start proceedings with a lengthy chat on their viewscreens.
    But I prefer Star Trek to be talky. When Star Trek did the war thing in Deep Space Nine and Enterprise, when there was probably a lot less talking and more shooting, I didn’t watch it very much!

  5. I am loving this so far! I still have all my old Star Wars toys, though they’re in storage now. As are all my Star Trek toys, my Batman and Justice League toys, my…you get the idea. I never stopped collecting though. My current toy obsession is the Clone Wars. Star Wars was my first love, and you never really get over that.

    I remember as a wee lad setting up scenes from the movies and taking photos with a film camera, then using marker to draw in lasers and such. No Photoshop in those days! What you’re doing is what I always dreamed about doing, and I can’t wait to see what you dream up next!

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